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I help clients who are either just getting started in social media or those who want a professional to take their accounts to the next level.I've grown my personal accounts to over 140k followers and now help businesses to define and reach their goals.My approach is not to chase vanity metrics or trends but to focus on reaching and engaging with key audiance demographics.It's all too easy to waste time and energy chasing the wrong audiances on the wrong platforms which is why it's essential to start off with a solid plan.


Video content has by far the biggest reach on social media and the appetite for more is growing faster than most can keep up with.I have the editing skills and specific experience of optimising content for each social platform.If you don't have video as part of your strategy I can advise you on how to incorporate it and reap the rewards.As you you can see from my editing showreel, I have the versatility to be successful in an array of different projects.


It has been a total pleasure working with Julian on a recent project. He was immediately engaging, enthusiastic and forthcoming with professional advice and friendly help.
Communication was at all times excellent and the result way beyond my hopes and expectations.
I would gladly recommend Julian on every level without hesitation.
David Steadman (composer)It was a pleasure working with Julian. He was very helpful, and friendly. The delivery was very prompt and artistic.Costas Nikolakis (pianist)Julian was very easy, friendly and accommodating and I would definitely recommend him!Caroline RylandJulian edited a job for me and really showed his creative capabilities in producing a superb result. I always say a creative editor really can make a difference between having a good film and a great film, certainly Julian is one of the best and a real asset to any production.Graham Fowler (producer)

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